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Laser Cutting at AK Stainless Ltd

What is Laser Cutting?

LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

Laser Cutting is a technology that allows Engineers and Designers new capabilities in production techniques and project lead times. A high-energy laser light beam is focused through a lens concentrating the energy to a pin-point on to the material. This causes rapid localised melting and partial vaporisation of the material. The laser beam penetrates the material and the cutting process begins. The laser beam moves along the contour of the part and melts the material as it advances. Molten metal and slag are blown away in a downward direction by an assist gas, such as oxygen or nitrogen creating the narrow cutting line.

What are the benefits?

Due to the level of accuracy and tight tolerances that can be achieved, intricate designs can be produced to a high quality finish in a variety of thicknesses and substrates. Additionally, one-off prototypes can be produced without the costly expense of moulds, jigs and tooling.

Lead times, labour costs and material wastage are reduced creating increased efficiency which allows projects to be produced at a reduction of the costs that are incurred employing conventional methods.

BS EN ISO 9001-2008 – Quality Assured

At AK Stainless we understand the importance of the customer selecting the correct service provider who recognises the complexities and value of their business.

AK Stainless are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of customer service throughout the entire process from initial enquiry to order fulfilment. In order to achieve this standard of excellence we are BS EN ISO 9001-2008 Accredited – so our customers can rest assured we adhere to qualified and recognised operating procedures.